SAP Perfect Meeting with Customer

Make a successful customer meeting with just a 5-second interaction on your wrist



Sales representatives are always busy with managing customer meetings and they get frustrated in finding the right information from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data and their calendar at the right time.


From the interviews with end users, we found a gap between how they work with their current CRM system and what they want it to be. For example, a sales representative wants to see recent deals, company headlines and stock information during a meeting with customers. But looking for this information on your laptop or smartphone is not a polite way to do it during a meeting. Smart watch provides a great opportunity to fix this broken user scenario.


Our challenge was to deeply understand end users, to find a critical moment in their life to help their business and to provide them with timely and useful information from different internal and external data sources.



The project team went through a deeply collaborative, cross-functional and iterative process and rigorously applied the design-thinking methodology to work closely throughout the project. After interviews with users, and conducted a workshop with stakeholders, sales experts to identify problems and brainstorm ideas. Then we quickly defined user flows and information architecture, then designed mockups in different fidelity levels to validate these ideas. We rolled out the prototype to 50 SAP executives with numerous live demos to customers at company events and received extremely positive feedback.




David's day with Perfect Meeting App






Before David leaves house in the morning, he looks at his watch and glances at his schedule for the day ahead, including the number of meetings, travel time and free time.

While waiting for the customers to arrive, David can browse through the customer profile, sales and service history. This way he can adjust his sales approach during the meeting. 

On his way to the next customer meeting, David can send an ETA to the meeting organizer to let him know ahead of time. So if need be, the meeting schedule can be modified. 

During the meeting, David gets a quick snapshot of the participants' profile including name, title and position. This helps him in articulating value to multiple decision makers and stakeholders involved in the meeting.

After the meetings, he can send a follow-up communication or log a debrief summary.